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Incorrect Scouts showing in patrol event invitee list

Our troop is experiencing incorrect Scouts showing on the patrol event invitee list. This has just recently begun happening. Has anyone else who is using the calendar for events seeing the same?

I haven’t seen anything like this. Is it scouts from other patrols that are being displayed? Scouts who have previously left the unit? Scouts who are not members of the unit?

If it’s scouts from another patrol showing up, have you checked to make sure that they don’t have an extra membership or a leadership role without an end date that’s associated with the “wrong” patrol?

Is the Scout a Troop Guide for that patrol? A change was recently released where Troop Guides can be invited to patrol events.

Have you recently changed the patrol memberships?

Yes Ed, the Scouts in question are troop guides. I remember hearing that they can be invited, but assumed it would be an opt-in situation. I see no such option to opt-in or opt-out of this without deselecting each manually from the invitee list. This would be quite an unnecessary inconvenience. Have I missed an easier way? Thank you for identifying the cause.

No, these are all troop guides as Ed suggested

There isn’t an easy way (at least that I’ve seen) to not include troop guides in the patrol list when you create an event, but still have them available for when you do want to invite them. At least not in native Scoutbook.

The Feature Assistant Extension, however, allows you to duplicate events. You could create a template of, for example, a typical patrol meeting that excludes the Troop Guide. Then, you duplicate that event as a starting point for the next event. I’ve been doing that a lot recently with our PLC meetings, because the default invitee list for the PLC is too narrow for our unit’s definition of who should be attending. This way, we don’t have to keep remembering to add the missing folks in each time we create a new meeting.

Remember: one size fits most! :wink:

What should have happened with the added functionality to invite troop guides was to add troop guides as a selectable group in the invitee window as with patrol members, leaders, and parents.

Under your proposal, it would require manual action in all cases to invite the Troop Guide to a patrol event, or would they be automatically included in any types of patrol event?

Correct Charley, they would be manual adds just like everyone else on a patrol invitee list. A troop guide is not needed on many types of events but could be easily added to the invitee list when required.

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