All active scouts were removed from all events since yesterday

Every calendar event is missing my active scouts this morning. In the process of restoring them to events their previous RSVP responses were lost.

I just opened Scoutbook event invite lists destroyed at the same time. We are seeing the same thing. Lost most adults as well as all Scouts.


I have reported this to the developers.


Can you provide the BSA Member IDs (no names) for a few of the Scouts that were removed from the calendar invite lists? Note I do not need them all.

I can later today when I’m back in front of a computer. One more note of troubleshooting - I checked other units I’m connected to (I’m also a unit commissioner) and I don’t see the issue for any other unit. We are two joined units (a boy and a girl troop) and our calendar events are setup as a single event with both troop calendars added. I’m wondering if the calendar feature that was added last night removed scouts from events that had multiple calendars. This would explain why adults were not removed since all program leaders (scoutmasters and ASMs) are registered in both units, but scouts were only registered in one and not the other.

Looks like the issue may be restricted to events on calendars for multiple units per @edavignon’s post here: Scoutbook event invite lists destroyed - #8 by edavignon


Last night’s change was rolled back. Can you check your calendar and let me know if it was properly restored?


Yes, everything is restored. THANK YOU!!!

Bill Cunnane

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