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Calendar - need ability to duplicate and set recurring meetings

For items such as den or pack-level meetings, it is incredibly time consuming to have to create each individual meeting from scratch for an entire year - it would be much more efficient to be able to create recurring meetings for a date range or for a specific recurring point in time (i.e., last Thursday of a month, every other week on Tuesday, etc).

Similarly, for campouts where only an address and date is being changed, we should be able to duplicate an existing meeting - do minor edits - and then save the new meeting.

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Hi, @KeithFlesher,

Although native Scoutbook doesn’t yet have this ability, the Feature Assistant Extension adds the ability to “clone” events.

I haven’t used it to create “recurring” meetings, but I do use it to edit and update meetings with agendas from our PLC.

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@CharleyHamilton It looks like the add on will be just what I need until the functionality is added officially - many thanks for letting me know about it!

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