Create recurring Calendar events

How do I create a recurring Troop meeting calendar event for my parents?

@PaigePutnam - this is what I use

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Adding on to @Stephen_Hornak’s response, there is not currently a “recurring event” option in the Scoutbook calendar module.

The Feature Assistant Extension has two potential pathways. In one case, you work entirely in Scoutbook and create “duplicate” events using the Extension. In the other, you can create the calendar events in a CSV file and import them to the Scoutbook calendar. If you’re going to do the latter, I recommend creating one template event in Scoutbook, export that calendar to CSV, strip off all of the “other” events from the CSV file, and create your subsequent meetings by duplicating the entry for the template meeting. Then, import the file that only includes your “new” meeting events, or everything that was previously on the calendar ends up duplicated.


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