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Recurring or Copying SB Calendar Events

It would be nice to have the option to make an event recurring or at least to be able to copy it.
I like to put in our Pack and Committee Meetings which typically happen at the same time each month. But I end up spending a few hours at the beginning of the year entering them all individually. If I could set up the calendar to create a Pack Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month through May I could then just go in and update the details each month instead of entering them all individually.


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I know that this has been requested, and I understand that the calendar system is planned for a significant overhaul, but no release date has been published that I have seen.

Currently, the Feature Assistant Extension has the ability to duplicate events and permit upload of events to the calendar via CSV. It’s not quite as sophisticated as you’re looking for, but it’s a huge improvement over the native Scoutbook feature set at this time.

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