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Calendar not displaying multi-day events in Chrome

My apologies if this has been addressed. I didn’t see it in a quick search.

Multi-day events display as only day in Chrome. Note the difference in the screen shots of Chrome and Firefox below.


  • All events were created using Chrome
  • Some events were created as stand alone.
  • Some events were created using the Chrome extension for multiple events.
  • Events were created both before and after the update
  • Confirmed that the details are still multi-day
  • I have not tried this in Chrome without the extension loaded.

Chrome view

Firefox view

@MarkWestcott - I just checked my unit calendar in chrome and multi-day events are showing correctly on all days they are set for. Is there a difference in the gear options for the calendar between chrome and firefox ?


Multi-day events are not rainbowing across their designated days. They are only showing on the first day of the event in Chrome.

Here is what I see in chrome:

@Stephen_Hornak Is that with or without the extension?

@jacobfetzer - that is without the extension on my work pc.

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No, it’s just the list of calendars available for subscription.
I tried it with the Cub and BSA for girls units that I work with.
Same result, regardless of calendar.

We have reproduced this issue. It is a problem with the Feature Assistant Extension. The developer is looking into it.

I was able to duplicate the error in Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108. I thought that turning the extension ( off cleared the issue, but it seems inconsistent.

I toggled the extension from on to off, and turning it off made the second and subsequent days visible. Then, turning it back on made them invisible again. However, toggling it off a second time left them invisible, and I can’t get them to reappear correctly in chrome without reloading the page (Ctrl-R).

Extension on:

Extension off:

ETA: Looks like the A-team is already on it… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for looking into this!

A new version has just been released that fixes this issue.

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Hi, @GaryFeutz,

Has this pushed to Chrome yet? I was able to pull v0.44 for Firefox (although it threw the download error again, so I pulled it down and installed from a file). However, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the extension for Chrome from the Web Store I still only see


It can sometimes take several hours for all of Google’s servers to get updated with the latest extensions.

Roger that, @edavignon. Thanks for the clarification. I’ll retest later once I can pull the update.

Fix successful, thanks!!

You guys are awesome, but please don’t let it go to your head :slight_smile:

Scouter Rob

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