Can’t export calendar

I’m using the add on in Chrome and when I try to export the calendar, the in progress circle will spin for hours. I adjusted the date range for export from 1 year to 1 week, same result. Does this feature work? Or is it something in my end?

I just tested and it is working for me.

It likely that the export script has encountered an unexpected issue with your specific calendar events.

I would like to work with you to find and fix the issue you are seeing. I am sending you a private message…

I am also getting a spinning beachball of death attempting to export one day of calendar data.

I will note that I have two children in different troops so I have access to more calendars and events than a typical user. FWIW, the day I’m exporting only has three events


Are any of the events shared between troops or packs?

None are shared. Two events are from my daughter’s G troop. And one is from my son’s B troop.

Hmm. One of the events from my daughter’s troop’s calendar has M and F scouts so perhaps it is shared between their G and B troops.

In my case, no events are shared.


Released a fix that skips events that are have more than one unit.

@SelenaHolbrook If this does not fix your issue - let me know.

That seems to have done it. Thank you!


That did the trick. TYVM.


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