Calendar - Pick date and time popup not working

When I create a new event, the date/time field would normally activate a popup to select a date and time. Instead, it does not appear and I have to manually enter a date and time if different than the prepopulated data.

After creating the event, I can open it and the popup will appear where I can change the date and time.

I have tested this on both Chrome and Firefox as well as in incognito/private mode. I found that if I disable the Feature Assistant, it would work.

I have seen this for maybe the last month.

Ok… I am going to have to work through this myself. I have the extension in chrome but not in firefox and i have four other browsers so i will update.

I have seen it from time to time. I couldn’t figure out when it worked and didn’t. Someone mentioned it awhile back by saying they could enter not legit times or dates. Something like this could cause some crazy corruption if it could write to the fields.

I am aware of it. It is a timing related issue. The calendar edit page has several background server requests and the extension needs to wait until they all complete, but has no way to know when that is. So there is a fixed delay built in… sounds like the server is responding slow on something. There is no other ill effect, no random field corruption, it is just the order in which the screen is updated.

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@GaryFeutz - thanks as always. I think for those who want to examine exactly the browser sees they should open a browser console window. At the very least it will be mind numbing :slight_smile:

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