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Youth calendar permissions

Is there a way to set permissions so a youth leader can create events in the troop calendar?

All I can find are other options for adults.

Currently only admins, the committee secretary and outdoor activity coordinator can edit the calendar. Scouts are not able to edit the calendar events.

Some Scouts can take attendance via the Scouting App.

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Where do I make suggestions for changes? As a you run organization, everything shouldn’t have to be done by the adults.

Scoutlander and troopmaster offer that option.

Suggested changes would be added in the New Scoutbook Feature Requests forum.

I know that this is something that’s already been requested, but IIRC it requires some rework on the permissions structure, as well as the calendar module. There have been posts that the calendar module is under redevelopment, but no date for release has been published.

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As a work-around until the calendar module revamp, you can create a dummy adult leader account with “View Profile” permissions for all scouts and the “Committee Secretary” role assigned to it, and let the Troop Scribe or Webmaster use that to maintain the calendar and post updates to the Troop.

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