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All my parents sync the SB calendar to their phones. I have updated several events and the calendars are not syncing. I have given these events over one week to catch up and they are still not showing up. Is there a step I am missing or doing wrong?

Well it depends if they LOAD the ics or Subscribe to the ics. Subscribe and it updates. Load and it does not


I am also subscribed, and it is not updating.

When the domain changed from to, I had to resubscribe to the .ics, since the old one pointed to the old domain.

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Thank you, I tried that as well. It’s weird because my Troop calendars updates but not my Pack.

@SarahMaurin - then that points to a bad subscription if the troop updates and the pack does not. You may have to remove those subscriptions and re-add them. Once you link it is on the calendar provider side.

Hrm…My troop added an event to the Scoutbook calendar last night, and it’s showing up on our Google calendar feed this morning.

And you’re adding events to the Scoutbook calendar, not the IA activity calendar, right? Trying to rule out the obvious.

Maybe if you post your BSA ID number and the associated troop/pack, that might help SUAC narrow things down?

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The instructions from the Help section:

If you would like to add the calendar to Google Calendar or another calendar you have that supports the iCal protocol , click on Subscribe next to the calendar name at the bottom of the calendar. You will receive instructions similar to the one on the right here. For more information on how to embed the calendar, contact the other calendaring software provider.


Clicking subscribe provides the URL you need to insert into the 3rd party app. There is a separate one for the pack or troop and each den or patrol. Once added to the 3rd party app, events in Scoutbook will automatically be added to your calendar on the 3rd party app.


-On your computer, open Google Calendar.

-On the left side, find “Other calendars” and click the down arrow. Select Add by URL.

-Enter the calendar’s address in the field provided. The address needs to be an ICAL link.

-Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear on the left side under “Other calendars.” Note: It might take up to 24 hours for changes to show in your Google Calendar.


-Go to Settings> Passwords & Accounts.

-Click “Add Account.”

-Select Other > Add Subscribed Calendar.

-Paste the iCal link in the “Server” prompt; click “Next.”

Hit Save (No user name or password required). Pack or den events added in the future will automatically be added to your calendar on your iOS device.


-In Calendar, choose File > New Calendar Subscription.

-Enter the calendar’s web address, and then click Subscribe.

-Enter a name for the calendar in the Name field and choose a color from the adjacent pop-up menu. -To view a subscription calendar in Calendar on your Mac and on devices with iOS 5 or later without resubscribing to it, choose your iCloud account.

-To update your copy of the calendar when changes to it are published, choose the update frequency from the “Auto-refresh” pop-up menu. -Click OK.

Okay I followed these instructions, thank you hopefully it will work.

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Keep in mind, Google only updates subscribed calendars once per day so a change made in the Scoutbook calendar today may not appear until tomorrow.

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