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Calendar update to Google every 15 minutes

Two of my units use Scoutbook and a Google Website. The issue with that was always that Google only updates a calendar from URL once a day (or something terrible like that). You couldn’t rely on the promptness of the update to display the correct information on the website calendar. To solve this issue (affects all Google users), a group of developers created a Google Script to keep an ICS linked calendar up-to-date in Google with a more frequent refresh.

How to set up the script
You will need to go to the script link below and make a copy of it to your Google Drive. It will take you to Google App Script. You will have to be logged into Google and might have to go through an intro screen to begin with. My units’ websites are owned by a master Google account with it’s own Drive, that is where this should be stored. You must only be logged into ONE Google account to be able to edit. The Script has instructions at the top, just follow those steps.

The only things that I would add is you should create a new calendar for this to populate to. You can’t use the existing calendar from URL that you might have set up previously, it must be a new, regular Google calendar. Also, I did not change any of the Settings except the ICS link and the target calendar.

This will update the calendar in Google every 15 minutes automatically. I have had it set up for almost two months and it works great. No more waiting for it to update sometime in the next 24 hours. Once it is set up, there is nothing to do. I did have to update the ICS link after the Scoutbook domain change, but I suspect that will not happen again.

THE LINK TO THE SCRIPT IS HERE: https://script.google.com/d/1BOk8MDLbLaHh6SwG1M1tsgNXjkcC-79LE0QoipRuTDxbO3fMVvqoROQD/edit?usp=sharing (and instructions are at the top of that file).

Support: https://discord.gg/DRBpb4k

Bugs/Feature requests: https://github.com/derekantrican/GAS-ICS-Sync/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue

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