Calendar Sync stopped working (Aug 2022)

I just noticed that my Pack calendar stopped syncing properly to google calendar. It was working through the beginning of the summer (with ~24 hr delay to update). There is an event that I previously removed in Scoutbook a few days ago that is still in Google. And updates to event descriptions did not seem to sync either.

I added this calendar from URL in Google. Already using the domain. I confirmed my wife’s calendar similarly did not update. My concern is that the other pack parents will see the same issues and get confused.

Is there any way to push updates/fix?
Is this a common problem?
Do calendars need to be re-sync’d on an annual basis?


@MichaelCasella - the issue is on the google calendar side. I would suggest a re-subscribe. Remove the calendar then re-add via url. I will also add that the sync is once in 24 hours.

@Stephen_Hornak Do you know what the exact issue is on google’s side?

This is manageable for fixing my account, but if other families are dealing with the same issue I am hoping there is a better way to resolve.
(I can also confirm changes from over 24 hours ago are not syncing)

@MichaelCasella - that would be something for google to handle. I put an event in last night and am not seeing it as yet so I may have to take my own advice as well.

I did find this:

@Stephen_Hornak Interesting! what makes you convinced it’s a google issue? I just find it odd that my wife’s account and my account have the same issue at the same time. I need to poll other pack parents

(Also just wanted to reiterate that I am definitely waiting longer than the 24 hour sync period)


@MichaelCasella - the ics url is a pull from the calendar app that is subscribed to ics url.

I think I have had to “resubscribe” last year in outlook.

If it is a Scoutbook issue, it isn’t universal. We made a change last night at about 7:30pm. I just checked it and it is reflected in our GoDaddy webpage that is subscribed.

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@Matt.Johnson , @MichaelCasella

That is exactly why I stated it is an issue with the receiving calendar as it is pull application… scoutbook is passive in the transaction

UPDATE - the added event did not show up on our GCAL, so I was able to resubscribe to the calendars without having to touch the calendar insert on our web sites… and as i re-sub’d the blue box stated fetching events in the background… so that confirms that the action is a PULL on the subscriber side… NO ISSUE on the scoutbook side.


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