Scoutbook calendar not updating on Google

I update the calendar in Scoutbook but the Google calendar does not update. Dates and events stay the same. I’m OK with a once a day update but it NEVER updates. Is there a way to force it to update without knowing programming and scripting?

have you changed the URL to…………

I pull the URL from the share link on the bottom left of the calendar.

Not sure if Google supports Live external ICS - see link

Google. Looks like using it may be a lost cause then if so many others have had the same issue and no resolution. Thanks for looking at this.

Do you know if there is any plan to add different views to the calendar? Week or list view?

a new calendar is under development - not sure what all it will include

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There is a list view below the calendar view. Is this not what you’re looking for? You can also get an individual-specific list based on the Upcoming Events list from My Dashboard → Events (for events to which you are invited).

I’ll defer to the SUAC on whether or not a daily/weekly view option has been requested/in the development pipeline.

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@DonaldHohman - my units have used g-cal with the scoutbook ics for many years. The updates do happen for us. The key is that it is a subscribe to other calendar by URL and the updates are once in 24 hours thing.

They can be found at and click on each unit

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I am having the same issue. The URL’s have been updated and over 48 hrs and nothing. I am tempeted to dump Google Calendar and just direct my folks to the Scouting app or to log into scoutbook directly. Any ideas?

@BenjaminWard - when you click on the calendar entries in g-cal does it provide the url at the bottom of the window that pops up ? I will post a screenshot of mine when I get home.

What I did when the url changed was to delete the old subscription and add a new one. I did that with all of the editor accounts for the unit sites.

When I go to my troop website and click on the calendar and then the event it gives me this.

For more information please visit: HTTP://

My main problem it is not showing new events and these are events that were put over a week ago and are still not showing up.

@BenjaminWard that url is an old one - I think your ICS is the old URL also.

@BenjaminWard - that is your issue. Either modification or delete the existing and add with the new url

Delete the events on the calendar or rescribe to the ICS?

@BenjaminWard - in the account that manages the site/g-cal go to the other calendars section at the left, click the x to unsubscribe. Then click the plus next to other calendars and select from url paste in the new url and check make public.

On the google site or the site you are using make sure to select the other calendar list which in my case shows the scoutbook calendar.


Thanks, I will call you when I get off work from the Hospital later this afternoon.

@BenjaminWard - here are some good resources for the new g-sites:

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@DonaldHohman - when you click on an event in g-cal does it show the URL like the screenshot I posted ?