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Please bring back the option to download Internet Advancement calendar. It was the easiest way to get events to a google calendar using a mobile device. The option to copy the URL only applies to users of laptops…


You can subscribe to the Scoutbook calendar on any device. It is not limited to a computer. I recommend googling “Subscribe to ics calendar on <device type>”

@CathleenPengelly Also, FYI - the download method was only a one time copy of events. If the event changed in the Scoutbook calendar, it would not update your google calendar. Using the URL method syncs any new events to the google calendar as well as any time/date changes.

I just ran a test event and it did not automatically update my calendar after subscribing to the url. What should I do?

@CathleenPengelly - the update timing on a subscribed calendar is 24 hours.

Subscription Calendar Update Frequency.

It was just easier to download. Then I could pick the event and go from there.

Ok. Download option is instant…


@CathleenPengelly - the download is also static and will not reflect any changes to events.

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Because of the static nature of the download file, it will not be provided going forward. The only option is the subscription.

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