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I’m not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, but I’ll ask and maybe the Moderators can move it to the correct section. Thank you.

We have a small Troop (3 boys) and do not do a lot of camping, maybe 2 weekends each year, plus the week long camp at the Council Scout Camp. The Camping MB only allows the use of one 6-night camping session to be used towards the Camping MB requirement of 20 nights. We have been to Camp 3 times now, but only 6 nights are supposedly allowed to be credited. It seems as though they should allow at least 2 days (as if it was a weekend) for the times the boys go to camp. The week at camp should count for something.
I’m not sure if I’m asking a question or just complaining/commenting, but I wondered what other Troops are doing in this regard. What do troops that typically rely on Scout Camp as their camping time.

Thanks, Bill Archer ASM Troop 218, Wilmington, NC

This is a question for local roundtable or Council - BSA just wants IT answers here


There has also been a variety of guidance on the topic published in the BSA’s Scouting magazine and Advancement News. That way, you can go into your local discussion with some background.

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