Nights of Camping question

When calculating “Nights of Camping” for the Camping MB or for the “Nights of Camping” patches, are we supposed to include nights from Cub Scouts + BSA? Or just from the time they joined Boy Scouts?

Read the requirements for each as they are different. Merit badge is for time as a BSA Scout. NOAA Awards say things like “Under the Auspices of the BSA” so Cub nights can count there. It is a matter of reading the books is simplest answer.


Also, on the Camping MB, the scout should be sure to consult their MBC to make sure they’re correctly understanding the requirements. It’s easy to miss stuff for Camping MB.

@ShannonMayfield-Port - a nights of camping seems like a cub or unit patch so there is that.

The bsa wants you to consult your council on program questions if they are not clear to you.


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