Getting Credit for Camping Nights

If a scout attends summer camp for 2 summers, will the scout receive credit for each night? I remember at one time, they were only allowed credit for the 1st week and any additional summer camps, they would only get credit for one night.

Credit for what, specifically? Camping merit badge? OA eligibility? National Outdoor Award Badge for Camping? Something else?


As @JenniferOlinger alluded to, the requirements and conditions for “counting” differ among the various applications of those nights.

Camping MB, for example is minimum 20 nights of BSA camping, including not more than one long term camping event of up to six nights.

For advancement and awards (including MBs) I would start here:

Advancement and Awards | Boy Scouts of America

For OA requirements, I would look here:

and don’t forget to visit OA’s the COVID FAQs page (linked at the top of the membership page)

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