Camping Report Question

When will we get a district camping report?
and how can I currently get the data?

William - this is from My.Scouting:

Camping Data Collection Discontinued

National 08/27/2020

Effective August 24, 2020, the national camping data collection process will be discontinued. Known as the “camping report”, this data collection will no longer take place at the national level. The data that is now collected via the NCAP Intent to Operate submission process will be sufficient for national level reporting needs. Councils should continue to track the camping data and statistics that is relevant for their council operations and to support their units.

So, I would check with your local Council to get an answer to your question.

Thats a shame as the units are reporting the data via internet advancement/ activities.
I hate having to ask my units to report their camping twice…
but currently the activates report fails to give me data on camping that I can use to determine if the unit did a long term camp, how many camping trips they held and what the average attendance at the events are. and then put that report in a by unit format.
Its odd that I can get Long cruise info but not Summer camp info from that report.