Camping Requirement 9b

Was glad to see the bug that kept requirement 8a from showing up in reports was fixed but now, while my reports do show 9b, the six options under 9b (i.e. 9b(1), 9b(2)…) no longer show up. Help!

Which report are you talking about?

@WilliamNelson - my best guess is report builder in the merit badge section. It lists 9b but not the sub-requirement when the report is generated.

That’s correct. Up until recently, the 9b sub-requirements were listed when the report was generated but 8a was missing. Now 8a is there (NICE!) but the sub-reqs are missing.

Stephen (below) is correct. It comes from report builder. Running the same saved report, I get different results now vs a few weeks ago.

This should be fixed now

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I just ran the report and it is indeed fixed. Thank you!

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