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How to i take a event and export a campign roster in formante required by BSA ranger? Scout/rank/phone/email parent contact

Different camps require different information on their rosters so producing a roster in SB for each camp would be difficult. For example, the camps in my council only require names of everyone attending. They don’t collect rank, phone number or parent contact information.

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can i make custom reports anywhere?

If you have the necessary permissions, you can use Roster Builder or Report Builder (depending on what information is needed) under My Desktop → Administration → My Units → Unit # → Unit Reports.

ETA: I believe that Roster Builder would likely get the majority of what you listed. However, I don’t believe that you can get rank information in Roster Builder, only in Report Builder.

what permision do i need as i went into roster builder and it was pretry much blank i amd key 3 and a admin

That should be enough. I am a Key 3 Delegate, and I have access to both Report Builder and Roster Builder.

@kevinhayes1 - what is your role if you are a key 3?

@kevinhayes1 In Roster Builder Manager, click on “Roster” on the left side of the screen, underneath “New Report”.

Then select the options that you want. Be sure to give your roster report a name (Roster Title) and save it.

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