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How do I build a pack roster by den?

I’ve looked around the forum trying to see if this was answered yet and found related topics that have been closed out without receiving answers. Before the roster builder I was able to generate a roster of my pack and just paste it to a spreadsheet and save.

Now I can’t seem to figure out how to use the report builder to create a roster similar to how I was prior.

The report builder seems cool, but I am trying to get back to where it was so I can easily save a roster in the format that I’ve posted.

In the designer, you need to click the ^ to expand.

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Here’s a screenshot of what @jacobfetzer said… Click on the caret circled in red by “Scout Options” and then click the box by “Patrol” or “Den”.

For a pack, these are the minimum settings you need to sort by Den.

Hmm, I am still not getting the expected result. This is exporting the children’s names as well as the most recent rank they’ve earned despite me requesting only Scouts by den. In the previous pack roster I’ve displayed it shows just the scouts name ,broken out by den followed by the number. I guess that function has not been moved over to the new roster generator yet? If it has not, I will see if I can put in a feature request if the devs feel they see enough folks want it.

I can make this work, but mean a good deal of manual editing to get what I want. My use case of the roster is to use DerbyNet https://jeffpiazza.org/derbynet/builds/ and exporting the roster to import it into DerbyNet has recently requires more work.

Thanks for the super fast response and sending me the screenshots to get me that far.

I don’t understand what this mean, does that mean that it is not possible to get what I am looking for and must be a feature request?

So the entire point of this exercise in futility is for a pinewood derby race roster. If you export the report or even the scout roster from the unit page you can manage the data as you wish. It is not the focus of function of scoutbook to customize itself for derby software.

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That’s why I feared sharing my use case because it seems to have distracted from the point that I want to export the names and dens, however the names are being exported with additional data other than what I have requested and there is no way to strip it off. Close this thread if you like, can call my exercise futile, this forum is becoming increasingly less friendly.

@KylePoniatowski - here is what I have done in the past x number of years is run the report for all scouts and only select show BSA ID and use the sort by subunit at the top. That limits the data as I only need the scout names. I know what Den they are in and at check in in know who I am not entering for race day. My point was that there is no need to make this complicated nor should development time for the BSA be devoted to pinewood derby applications.

Even if an export gave you extraneous data, it is a matter of deleting those columns to arrive at the data you need.

Thanks for the suggestion, regardless of the motive behind what I am asking for, the application delivers more data than the user has requested making the output different from what was selected. Should not matter if I am using it for tracking birthdays for the pack, or entering the names into a pinewood derby my point stands. The insistence on tying the bug to the use case does not help make the bug any less valid. As this is going nowhere, I at least thank you for humoring me with a response and a helpful suggestion as well as the initial respondents. It is not a column or else that’d be way easy…

Ok so you want to report this as a bug. It should be moved there but unfortunately I don’t have those rights but I will honestly say that it is a first to have a user report that scoutbook provided too much data.


Now that I see what you are trying to do, I still don’t see why you can’t get what you want. Under Scout options, uncheck everything but show den/patrol.


Thank you! So, that is what I was thinking as well. Not sure why it won’t give me just that. It will only output Name(Rank) rather than just name as requested. And that is Name(Rank), not Name(Current Goal) I guess. So if I have children who are Bears, it sill says Name(Wolf) next to it making it a little confusing. I’ve attached the roster builder form and the output to provide an example of what I am seeing. I’ve scrubbed the form to make sure the den/patrol box was the only box selected as well as the dens that I want (I tried it with just den/patrol to take you literally in the post above, but it gave 0 output).

Hopefully you can spot something I did wrong,

I was able to get a report with just the scout’s name and den number/name. Do you have “current rank” checked?

No, the tick box is empty. I tried again with another browser with the same result.

Upon further review, there seems to be a bug where running it with show current rank and then running it again without does not remove that element from the report. I have reported this to the developers.

In the meantime, you could try a fresh roster builder report.

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Oh fantastic. I am running a fresh roster builder report each time from the Roster Builder Mgr. I’ve not bothered to save any of them. Maybe this is related to the same bug?

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Yeah, I tried a fresh report, saving it, clearing cache. Nothing actually removed the rank. I have not tried a different device.

It definitely ran without the rank once, but ever since the fix time I included it, it won’t go away. I’m not sure how long it will take the developers to fix this.

In the meantime, you can go to your pack page > export/backup > scouts. This will give you a csv file. You can open it with excel and remove the columns you don’t need.

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Thanks so much for the digging, I just wanted to make sure I was using it correctly. This was quite helpful.

Honestly, I haven’t used the new roster builder that much prior to testing a few things the last couple days. It’s been good for me to see more of how it works, too.