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Roster Reports for camping trips

Our Scoutmaster was looking for this feature the other day. Whenever we go to a BSA camp you are generally required to provide a roster for that trip. It would be nice if you could request a roster report for a specific camping trip based on the RSVP status of the scouts. That would give an official and uniform roster to turn in with all the important information without having to print the entire troop roster then cross out who’s not going or manually creating one from scratch.

The Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox can produce a roster based on RSVP status.

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I have the extension but I can’t seem to find that feature

Go to your calendar, click on an upcoming event. Click on Edit Event. Make sure that the RSVP toggle is turned on. Also make sure that the event has Invitees. Then look for “RSVP Report” just under the “RSVP” and “Permission Slips Req.” toggles.

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Ahh! Thank you much - pretty much exactly what I was looking for - formatting a little hard to print out but other than that it should work for us! Thanks again!