Can a K3 delegate approve adult applications?

I’m the VP of Membership for my council and I have a unit who’s COR designated two folks as K3 delegates so they could approve adult applications however they have not been able to. They reached out to me but I think that adult application approval is inherently a COR/IH function that the software doesn’t allow to be delegated. Am I on the right path? If not, is there some documentation that states otherwise? I don’t mind being wrong (I’m apparently good at it according to Mrs. the VP) but just want to see what’s written. Thanks for your help!

They need to be a COR delegate, not “just” a Key 3 delegate to approve applications. Only one COR delegate can be added. They can approve adult applications.

Even though this is called “COR delegate”, please note, it is delegated per unit and must be done for each unit in the CO. Doing it once “isn’t good enough” to cover the entire CO.

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I mistyped. They are COR delegates but have not been able to approve. One for pack, one for troop. I assume there is a configuration issue with my.scouting that is preventing their abilities.

Thanks for your help!

I am a COR delegate for my troop and Pack where I am “just” the committee chair. I am able to approve applications. Funny, in the troop, since we have checked the box to have the CC has to be in when work flow, I have to approve them twice!

My observation

There appears to be one “COR designee” but maybe multiple “unit key-3 delegates” with different functions and permissions.

Chartered organization representative designee

If I understand correctly, like the chartered organization representative (COR), there can only be one COR designee, and the designee must be the same person (with the same BSA member ID), for all units sponsored by the same organization.

Position Manager is found in the Organization Manager tool on My. Scouting. It combines the features that were available in Organization Security Manager ie. allowing you to assign “functional” roles to users, and the new feature to allow the Chartered Organization Representative (COR) (or their designee) to change registered positions.

Key-3 delegate discussion


No, it is delegated on a unit-by-unit basis. Only one per unit, but each unit could have a different one.

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When you say not able to approve, do they get an error, don’t even see the applications, don’t get emails telling them about the applications?