Can a non-registered parent send out messages through Scoutbook?

Can a non-registered parent send out messages to Pack leaders and other parents or can only a registered leader do that?

“I have a parent, who has said they can help every so often to be our “event coordinator”. they don’t want it as their official position because they aren’t always available, but I have asked them to send an email out to see if anyone is interested in going to an event, but she isn’t able to.”

I believe that, in order to send out emails, adults need at least View Profile level permissions to every scout to whom they would be sending. I’m not sure how that works now that Scoutbook is enforcing only registered adults in leadership positions. I think those are unrelated pathways, but I haven’t tested it to be sure.

Keep in mind that permissions are not auto-updating under most circumstances (except I think for Admins and Key 3/K3D), so a unit admin would need to ensure that each time a new scout is added, that parent is connected to them with the relevant permissions.

Alternatively, I think that the Unit Secretary role in Scoutbook is automatically connected to all of the scouts with at least View Profile permissions, so routing the email via the unit secretary might be another option.

This is still correct


In a Pack, no connections are needed to send messages to parents and leaders. In a troop, view profile connections are needed to send to parents, but they can still send to leaders.

Thanks everyone for your assistance.

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