Parents send messages to leaders?

as our pack has committed to moving over to scoutbook, I’m finding the communication features to be half baked.

As a leader, I’ve had no issues being able to send email out to parents. That’s been so far so good with a few items on the wishlist, but it’s overall functional.

However, as a parent pointed out, the reverse is terrible. For a parent with only a linked account to their scout, when they login, there presented with “Messages” on their dashboard. Opening that and clicking Send Message does nothing. Why doesn’t this allow a parent to send a message to a leader or leaders connected to their scout? (in a divorce situation, it would be good to allow the parent to distribute to all via their scouts’ connections)

Also, we have a number of parent volunteer positions such as popcorn kernel, and the only way for them to be able to email out to the entire unit is to make them a pack admin. this is also broken. a role needs to be added to allow a designated person to email the unit, but not allow full access to everything.

Give them a view profile connection to all scouts in the unit if you want them to be able to message everyone.

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