Can a parent email den?

Is there a way to enable/allow parents (non-leaders) within a den to email that den only? There’s often coordination that occurs by parents for upcoming meetings to take the load off the den leader, however the best way to communicate to ensure everyone is included is via Scoutbook (rather than maintaining an email distro in email, that doesn’t get updated with new families). What is the best way to accomplish this as it appears parents can’t email by default and we would have to give access to the entire pack to allow a parent to have email priviledge?

They have to have at least view profile privelages with the scouts of any parents you want them to be able to email.

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Adding to what @jacobfetzer said, there’s no distribution lists in Scoutbook, so you would have to make sure the parents know who’s who in their dens.

One way to tackle this is using the Feature Assistant Extension. There’s a way (although I haven’t gotten around to using it) to export/import the “mailing groups” that the extension can create. So, a leader could save a list of selected folks as “Den X”, distribute that to the parents, then the parents could use the extension to “load” that list into their browser. The leader would just need to make sure to keep the list up-to-date as the membership in the den changes.

Remember that the mailing groups created by the Feature Assistant Extension live on the local computer, so they need to be manually shared

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Yes. That’s a good point.

Thank you all. I was going to try the view profile access as that seems the easiest so they can do from phone as well, and not be dependent on extension, unfortunately I think that will confuse parents not typically in scoutbook or only use on phone. The concern/problem with view profile access is I’ll need to validate parents are okay sharing visibility of child dob and address. I may need to move this thread to an enhancement feature to allow parents to use send message feature within den.

View profile will not share DOB. It will share parent contact info though.

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