Can a personal Activity Log be changed to Group?

I am both a parent and a Scoutmaster. There are past activities that show as “personal” with only my son that are group activities that other Scouts need to be added to. Can this be done?

How old are they? was it before you were a leader?

It took place before I was added as a leader, yes.

You can try - but I do not think there is a way. The unit or the individual scouts should have been recording things

Previously recording in the hardcopy book was stressed more than using Scoutbook for record keeping. We are trying to get all the Scouts up to date.

I struggle to figureout how I, as Cubmaster, or youth can enter data regarding service hours in Scoutbook. Nor can I find it in the training that I could find. Help is welcome!

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@JeremySchrauf Activities logs are now entered at Internet Advancement 2.0.

I usually log in at my.scouting, then click on:

Menu → BSA Web Links → Internet Advancement 2.0

In IA 2.0 look in the upper right corner and make sure that your correct unit (pack) is selected. If you click on your pack, it should show your position (Cubmaster).

Then you can follow the help instructions that Stephen just posted (above).

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