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Defining activities as troop, personal, and Scout, BSA

The activity logs lump all camping together, whether its personal or troop related; its the same for hiking and service hours. When checking the logs for rank advancement, it would help to be able to filter troop from personal. Also the logs include webelo and cub scout activities - its easy to check dates for that but a filter would make life easier. While there is a group and personal filter on the report; there is not one when creating the activity. How do other troops check for troop activities?
Update: the logs transferred in from Scoutbook came in as personal activities for each scout, regardless of whether they were personal or group. I cannot find a way to fix the activities. Is there a way to delete activity logs from IA? I was thinking of recreating the activities and adding the scouts back.

With the old Scoutbook logs, what I would do is add an entry for new Scouts that was just the date they joined the Scouts BSA program, but was otherwise blank.

Something like:
Service [date] 0 hours [Date joined Scouts BSA]

The activities done while a Cub Scout can be relevant for the National Outdoor Awards if they are completed as part of an approved Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouting, Venturing, or Exploring program and if they otherwise meet the requirements.

For camping done as an AOL or “Pre-Official”, I’ve done the same thing as Cabin camping and that is notate it in parentheses.

All my Troop’s activities also imported as “Personal”. Was this intentional? an error? Is there a way to edit past activities to fix this?

@JillBarr - they imported as personal because all prior log entries were individual scout based.

I am considering reentering the troop activities so they show up as group. My problem is that I am unable right now to delete the old entries. What is your opinion?

Right now, I would recommend waiting. There are some bugs that are being worked on.


@Mary_AnnDalton - I think no matter how entered they will plot by month at least that is how my test entries have displayed.