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Can I set up mixed rank dens in ScoutBook?

Our Pack is moving over to ScoutBook from ScoutTrack this year. I have a den of four girls as we only had a few join the Pack last year. They are currently: 1 Tiger 1 Wolf, and 2 Webelos.

  1. Is it possible to set up one Den and assign all the girls to it? In ScoutTrack we had different Dens so their rank requirements would populate.

  2. If so, what are the benefits or issues of such a mixed rank den in using ScoutBook.

You have to assign them to different dens in Scoutbook, because Scoutbook uses their den type to know which requirements they are working on. However, you could give them all the same den number and assign the Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader(s) to the multiple dens. For example, if they all share Den number 5, then you could have:

  • Tiger Den 5
  • Wolf Den 5
  • Webelos Den 5

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