Can a den have two assigned leaders in Scoutbook?

Now that we have Family Dens, I’d like to merge my girl and boy dens, but want both leaders to have permissions assigned. How do I do this? Thanks for any help!!!

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I’m not sure whether Scoutbook explicitly supports the pilot Family Den program. Anybody on SUAC know if it will bark about having both male and female youth in the same dens, or is that not checked?

A den can (and IMHO should) have more than one leader registered scouters assigned to it. It’s as simple in Scoutbook as assigning two registered scouters the Den Leader (or Tiger Den Leader for Tiger dens) position.

You could also assign one of the adults (except for the Lion or Tiger dens) as an Assistant Den Leader. For the ADLs, however, you would also need to assign the Den Admin functional role if you want them to edit the calendar, etc, since that’s not a default for ADLs.

ETA: I forgot to mention that for Webelos dens it’s Webelos DL and Assistant Webelos Leader, rather than DL and ADL.

ETA2: Clarified my opinion above to indicate there should be two registered scouters, not necessarily two scouters in the subunit leader (i.e. DL) position. Thanks, @JenniferOlinger for the comment that made me realize my remarks could be easily misconstrued. :^)

It is more common to have a single Den Leader with one or more Assistant Den Leaders, but yes, it is possible to have more than one Den Leader for a single den.

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@CharleyHamilton I believe Scoutbook does not check genders with regard to den assignments, but I would need to confirm.

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It does not check; it allows mixed gender dens.


Thanks so much, Charley!

Forgive my ignorance, but why can’t the Lion or Tiger dens have a second leader?

I tried to register a second leader in SB but it wouldn’t allow me to do so… maybe it’s being cranky today?

Odd. It’s worked in the past. You’re trying to assign a Tiger DL for the Tiger den, not just a DL, right? They’re different registered positions, so Scoutbook is consistent that difference.

At this point just trying to register a second Lion DL. But I see your point about maybe not having 2 DLs for one den.

BSA® local council requirements can vary

I suspect one of BSA IT goals to provide support for all councils, if they can.

Local policy and procedure cannot be in conflict with applicable local, state (an US territory) legal requirements. I suggest contacting a local new unit commissioner (or equivalent) for local information.

2022-2023 family den pilot program

It appears that the deadline for participation in the 2022-2023 pilot program has passed and other packs might be locked out.

I assume that multiple-grade dens would allow a den leader for each grade.

Extract from the
BSA National Council. “Family Den Pilot Program, Pack Memorandum of Understanding”, Irving, Tex.: Boy Scouts of America Inc., 2022. PDF.

As a pilot pack,

  • Agrees to use Scoutbook to set up all of their dens
  • Assign a registered adult leader in the pack as the representative to the council for the pilot. The Representative agrees to participate in the Pack Pilot Kick-off Webinar on June 30th and if unable to attend the live webinar, to watch the recorded session by July 8th. … Multi-rank dens such as a den of Wolves (2nd graders) and Bears (3rd graders) working on their respective badges of rank may also be formed with girls and boys.
  • Agree to have a registered adult leader as the den leader for each den.
  • Contact the local council with any questions about the pilot.

The representative to the council pilot program committee appears to be a pack committee position in the pilot pack.

2018 family program implementation policy

“5 THINGS EVERY CHARTERED ORGANIZATION SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FAMILY SCOUTING” in “Chartered Organizations and Family Scouting”, tool kit for council scouting executive/CEO., uploaded May 2018.

** ‘Isn’t Scouting Coed Now?’**
One common misunderstanding with many is that Scouting is going “coed.” While it’s true that we are serving boys and girls, these changes don’t make our dens and troops coed. With these modifications, you still have boys in dens and troops, and girls in their own dens and troops.

In Cub Scouting, you can have a separate pack for girls, or you can have separate dens for girls and dens for boys in the same pack.

In the case of troops for older youth, you must have separate troops for boys and girls. A chartered organization may also have “linked troops,” which means a chartered organization can have a shared troop committee with separate troop for boys and for girls

What does all this mean? It means we need additional dens, packs, and troops to serve girls, as well as more female leaders. And that means new units! And that means talking to your chartered partners.

Some CS leader references



There’s a pilot program in some units in some councils that specifically includes coed dens. See, for example,

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Thanks, Charley

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