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So just trying to determine how best to set up our Dens in Scoutbook.

Currently we have 1 den per rank. The question is more in relation to girls at each grade level. Do you create a separate den for each rank and put the girls in that rank there?even if it is one girl? Or one den for all girls? Total of 8 but of different ranks.

We had done 1 wolf den for boys and 1 den for wolf girls but what ended up happening is they met at the same time as the boys did, but were often not on communications bc the leader would go into the wolf den and email the den and foget the girls den.

Just curious to hear how others are setting things up. Asking now because Spring recruitment just added another handful of girls to the pack.

Set it up how it works best for your pack is simplest answer I think

We dont know what makes sense. We were hoping to get ideas so we can try things to see what works best.

Two considerations…

  1. Who’s entering advancement? Would they prefer to edit everyone in the same grade at the same time, or as unique dens (which might be preferable if individual den leaders will manage just their scouts).
  2. Will you use Scoutbook to send out messages? And if so, will you often need to send out messages to just specific Dens?

Unless you have a large number of scouts in a grade, and DLs who will actually use scout book to manage and communicate with their dens, it’s probably easiest to keep everyone in a grade together as one “den”.

And while you can have multi grade Dens in Scoutbook, it makes editing advancement a challenge as it’s not really designed for that. You would need to set the rank level as the highest rank kid, in order to be able to edit their advancements.

One point that has not been addressed here is that advancement has to be recorded by type of den.

The way we handled this was to officially have only one girls den. For us it was Den 19. That is the number we put on the uniforms and at Pack meetings, we try to have the girls act as a den there, and how we meet the requirement of single-sex dens.

In Scoutbook, we account for them unofficially so that Scoutbook can function. In Scoutbook, we have Webelos Den 1G, Tiger Den 7G and make the den leaders leaders for both Den 1B and Den 1G for approving adventures.

HTH, Angela

eta - oh, sorry I see Sage also addressed that concern

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