Girl Dens

Hello all,

So we became a Family pack this year, and per the guide to safe scouting we can combine girls into one den as long as they are no more than 2 years apart in age. As of right now we have 4-5 girls in Lions, Tigers and Wolves, so this should work.

My question is in Scoutbook, when setting up a Den it looks like you have to select a rank, since 3 of our 5 girls are Wolves I selected wolves, do you create a den in scoutbook for the other ranks or can you enter in Lion and tiger rank advancement for those girls? Also when it comes time to advance the Den, how does this affect the girls that are not of the current rank, etc.

you can enter below stuff in Cubs but it is also not so easy, QE will not work for stuff not on the Den’s level. So would be a little hopping around.

You might want to go to the sandbox at - choose a den leader and try to add stuff from a previous rank to decide if you want to do that or just have dens with 1-2 in them, but have 3 dens

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