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Can not end an adult leader's membership

I have an adult leaders that has not been part of the troop for 2 years. He has not been on the charter for 2 years. Usually you would click on the person’s name go to membership and close their roles. When I click on the name it redirects me to the home page vs the correct page. This is a redirect issue. Can someone fix this on the backend or reach out so I can provide the person’s name and troop info so it can be corrected.

How are you getting to the leader’s name? I assume from the Roster page at:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Units -> Troop Roster


What is/are your current Scoutbook role(s) in the unit? That can impact what access exists.

When you say “homepage”, which URL are you arriving at?

In addition to all of Charley’s questions, are you a unit admin?

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Yes I’m getting to the adult’sname from the roster page when I click on it it redirects me to my dashboard page. I am a unit admin and I have ended the membership of several others before this one specific person so it’s not a security issue.

Yes I’m a unit admin and have ended the membership of several others before this person.

I’ve sent you a private message. Look for the notification on the S in the upper right.

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