Can't access leaders in scoutbook as key 3 with permission

We have old leaders that have been repopulated into our scoutbook account and I no longer have the ability to click on any of the leaders to change or even view their access.

@GregoryKing I setup a sync to try to solve it - you can also Go to unit Roster > Click your name > click Admin > click Update - that resets admin position

Therein lies the problem. I can’t click on my name or any other leader when I go to Pack Roster from my dashboard in Scoutbook. I can click on all of the scouts but not the leaders. The sync didn’t appear to have solved the problem. We also have old leaders who have been populated into scoutbook. I checked our roster and they appear there as well. They were removed from the roster after recharter? This continues to be a source of major frustration and takes a lot of time to try and resolve these issues. After looking through the Forum it appears to be widespread. I have been doing this for going on 5 years and the problems continue to crop up 2-3 or more times a year where Scoutbook has done something weird and volunteers are stuck trying to get council or forum help to resolve the issues. My question to you is are the scoutbook developers and I.T. staff BSA employees, volunteers, or contracted by BSA because it really is becoming unacceptable for there to be so many continued problems that causes so many of the good people volunteering there time for the BSA to have to deal with. I’m sure I speak for thousands of BSA volunteers across the country on this matter and someone needs to step up and start getting to the root of the cause. Scoutbook is and has always been difficult to navigate at best and for the love of God why does it time you out without warning only to find that the email you’ve spent the last hour typing is gone when you hit the send button because you’ve been timed out without warning. I don’t know much about I.T. or software and its code but what I do know is that millions of other websites have figured these issues out and resolved them. Do the developers of the site actually beta test or utilize the site themselves to see how difficult it is to navigate. Could you please advise me who I can contact to see about getting these constant issues about Scoutbook failures and glitches addressed. I think we all understand that occasional website maintenance and issues with that are sometimes a result of the world and technology we live with but 6 years of them on a continuing basis is not acceptable. I appreciate your attention to this matter and getting my current Scoutbook issue resolved and any answers you might be able to provide to my rant. I do apologize for the rant but it is very frustrating.

Thank you.

If they are on roster they are registered in unit - that is something for council to solve, by ending the membership or making it inactive. my.scouting is the most official roster.

I reset the admin position see if that helps

Still can’t click on leaders

@GregoryKing Did your Recharter just get posted?

I believe it was taken care of many months ago but council doesn’t keep me in the loop regarding that. My committee chair might know for sure but I don’t think so.

@GregoryKing I would recommend trying again tomorrow after an overnight process runs.

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