Scoutbook still has old scouts and leaders

We rechartered successfully last November 2022. However, since then we have quite a few scouts and leaders that are no longer in the Troop. When checking with TAC, the council confirmed these scouts and leaders were not part of the rechartering, however, they are still visible in Scoutbook which is affecting the stats for attendance, voting quorum, etc. and is also maintaining leader positions which is causing confusion.


Pls can you advise how to purge old memberships?
Thank you

In principle, a Unit Key 3 (SM/CM, CC or COR), Key 3 Delegate, or Scoutbook unit admin could put an end date on the membership in Scoutbook.

However, before you do that, have a Key 3 or Key 3 delegate take a look at the official roster at my.scouting to verify they aren’t still on there. That’s the official roster, and if council is showing them as not renewed, but my.scouting is still showing them, there’s a conflict that the registrar will need to look into.

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We have confirmed that the Roster in my.scouting is the correct one. Pls can you advise how to do the refresh? Is it doen in my.scouting or scoutbook? Thank you

If the “old” leaders are only showing in Scoutbook (i.e. not my.scouting), one of the Unit Key 3 (SM/CM, CC, COR), Key 3 Delegates, or Scoutbook Unit Admins can put an end date on the Scoutbook leader positions for adults, and on the youth membership for scouts. Note that you’ll want to make sure that any payment logs and advancement is finalized before ending the memberships, as I don’t believe you have access to that after they are ended.

Do not delete the accounts, as that’s not necessary. Just put end dates on memberships.

ETA: There is additional information here:

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