Can only invite Wolves and not entire pack to Calendar event

For some reason it will only allow me to invite the wolf den and not the entire pack for events. I am currently in a Key 3 Position and a Committee member.

@ShaneLege - the key 3 in a pack are the Cubmaster, Committee Chair and Charter organization Rep are you any of those ?

@ShaneLege in the drop down list top right what position is listed?


Shows the pack, and I can see all the entries for any of the dens made, but can’t invite anyone but the Wolves

No, I will have to have them correct that on the other sheet.

@ShaneLege no if you click the chevron what position is listed - think it will be your ADL position -
Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 9.03.44 AM

Sorry, still new and learning.

Assistant Cubmaster
Assistant Den Leader
Supernova Mentor
Committee Member
Unit Training Chair

@ShaneLege - then you are not a key 3

he is K3D - what is listed first @ShaneLege

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Agree, that would be the piece I need them to correct. It was showing on the Council page.

Assistant Cubmaster is listed first followed by (4 more Positions/roles)

@ShaneLege I would end your ADL position in Scoutbook by putting an end date - and see if that solves it in 24 hours

Thanks, Its worth a try.

@ShaneLege what Event type were you trying

I didn’t even get to the Event type. I was on the invite part. In scoutbook it was showing as ADL as primary, now I set Key 3 Delegate to primary, but it didn’t swap over in internet advancement

The default position in Scoutbook is only used to determine which position patch to display on your profile page.

LOL, well now I know why nothing happened LOL

Just double check, which calendars show up when you click + add individual under event calendars?

Right now just the Wolves, probably because I have Assistant Den Leader as one of the four positions. It is the only one available. I can see all dens on the calendar, but can’t make the over arching calendar invite for the entire pack. just the wolves.

Since we do most things as a Pack, you think we would be allowed to make calendar invites for the entire pack, instead of each den doing it.

What do you mean you can see all dens on the calendar?

Can you post a screenshot of where you only see the wolf den (do not include any youth or adult names)?