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Scoutbook Event Reminders not being emailed. Ever since the most recent “maintenance downtime” last Wednesday, the automatic reminder emails (associated with my calendar events) are not being emailed to Troop parents and leaders. Pls help.


To add events to the calendar, Scoutbook says I must be one of the 3 admins, den leader, etc. I am in Scoutbook as a Pack Admin, Den Admin, Tiger Den Leader and I still cannot add events to the calendar. Help??

@KrystleNowlin Look at your positions. Do you see a green shield next to your pack admin and den admin positions?

Under the Pack Roster, I do have the green check mark.PackLeaderRoster

@jacobfetzer under My Dashboard > My Account > My Positions, Pack Admin is not a selection for me to add.

What happens when you click on a date in the calendar or click on add event?

I have a new 4th grade Webelos scout who joined late in the year after all the other Webelos had earned their Webelos badge. So the new 4th grade Webelos began working on Arrow of Light requirements with the rest of my den. I entered him in Scoutbook and indicated he was working as Arrow of Light in his profile (I got the warning message and responded that yes that is what I wanted to do), but the elective that I entered for him is showing up as a Webelo elective versus an Arrow of Light elective. I even tried entering his grade level at 5th, but no luck - any suggestions?

@Stephen_Hornak Sorry for the delay. My forum page told me I’ve reached my maximum amount of replies for my first day :frowning: Said I had to wait 23 hours.

I don’t even have the option to add events for my Den, let a long the Pack. I’m only able to view the calendar.

After watching the video for setting up Scout Book, it appears that we have done everything correctly to set up Scout Book. Still no luck with me being able to manage anything other than viewing the entire pack and managing my Tiger Cubs. I’m still unable to add new leaders, add events to any/all calendars, or move scouts around. Our Cub Master set me up as a Pack Admin and yet I can do nothing still. I’ve submitted a help ticket, but last time I never hear back and had to reach out again. We’re most likely giving up on this program. We’ve been trying to get it set up since after the new year. We were trying to move towards newer technology to recruit and maintain since our pack does everything very old school (paper calendars, paper announcements, etc) but this is BEYOND frustrating. I build websites for my employer, I may just build something for our Pack since I’ve wasted so much time on this program.

Krystle - It may be worthwhile to try a screen share to see what is up with your setup. You can email me at so that we can take a look.

Thank you @Stephen_Hornak I just sent you an email

When using Payment Logs, previous Leaders from our previous Pack are still able to see and post to my son’s accounts, even though they are not listed as connections.

Check your scout’s membership. Do they have more than one under current membership?

They do not have another member ID.

I did not mean member ID. I meant membership in a unit. To check go to your scout’s page > (Scout)’s membership. How many entries are in the current membership section?

The previous memberships are there but expired.

I assume you mean the others are under “past memberships”.

That is correct


I the elective completion date after the date that you set working towards AOL?

The other thing you might check is that both Webelos and AOL are set to the most recent version?

Beyond that, there is a fix in development for the AOL electives. As I’ve read your description, I don’t know that it’s specifically the same issue, but we are updating the logic a little such that it may cover your situation.

Our Girl Troop doesn’t have a “Needs Purchasing” report so I’ve been completing a PDF Advancement Report . (When I have selected Reports after selecting the Girl Troop from my dashboard there is no option to even get into the report page!!)

Philip - is there anything sitting in needs approval or needs awarding pages ?