Unable to enter a calendar event - Den Leader

Hello, I am having trouble entering a calendar event for my Den. I am the Wolf Den Leader, and I am unable to enter a Den meeting. When I click on a date, it does not open a new calendar event, and I do not have the “enter new calendar event button”.

I am struggling to get the word out on getting den meetings going.

@BradTrembath - if you go to your positions in scoutbook does it list Den Admin ? The route would be My Account, then scroll down to my positions then click on that.

It also depends which calendar you are attempting to add to. A den admin can add to the den calendar, but only Unit Key 3, pack secretary, outdoor/activities coordinator, any Unit Admins, and any Key 3 delegates can add to the pack calendar.

My position is Den Leader. I noticed in the Roster that other like me are listed as Den Administrator and have a key after their name.Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 6.18.17 PM

Thanks Charlie for the response. I think I am listed as Den Leader, but not Den Administrator for the Wolf Den. Stephen listed above I think is on the right track

Brad Trembath


I think that since I am not listed as Den Admin Wolf, I do not have the correct permissions to enter calendar events for the Den.

Bradley Trembath

@BradTrembath - that would be an issue. I would ask a person on the roster list with 2 keys in scoutbook to add that position.

Thanks - I will get with the Cub Master to resolve - Thank you for your support!!!

Brad T

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