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Can Scoutbook Generate Parental Permission Slips for Events/Trips?

Is Scoutbook set up to generate Parental Permission Slips? Our old Troopkit account would generate a permission slip when the scout signed up for an event. Can Scoutbook do this and how can one navigate to the list/report of parental permission?

@BrianMerrill - do you mean the permission slip for the scout that the parent signs ? If you mean a permission slip for the parent themselves, I really doubt my mother or father will approve of me going on outings :smile: If you have an event in the calendar there is a toggle for permission slips.

You have to edit the event to turn on the permission slips required toggle.

Yes, a permission slip for the scout that the parent signs to allow attendance at a BSA event. We are looking to avoid paper copies that have to circulate and get returned. We prefer to have the parental permission integrated into the event listing.

I see the Permission Slip Required toggle but would like to avoid a hardcopy signature on paper and instead have the parental permission e-signed within the application. Perhaps a request for future updates in Scoutbook.

The current functionality within Scoutbook would require you to print it and sign it.

That can get into some unintended side effects, though…

  • Is a check box on an online form the legal equivalent of a signature where you live?
  • Will you have access to Scoutbook wherever your event is happening so that you can access the permission slips?
  • What will happen if you need info from the permission slip and cannot access it because it’s online and you don’t have an internet connection?
  • Are there HIPAA restrictions on the permission slip form that need to be managed (medication lists along with names and contact info, for example)?

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