How do you (as a parent or leader) print permission slips for events?

In the new calendar, how do you print the permission slip for your scout? I see in an event that permission slips are required. I pressed SHIFT and hit the refresh icon in Chrome. I deleted all cookies and history and reauthenticated into the new calendar page. I switched my view between the Assistant Scoutmaster and parent, and I still cannot find where I would print out a permission slip. I have tried this with several different events on our calendar. Here is the link for one of them if this is a bug:
Internet Advancement.

Also, where can we find a help system explaining standard features of the new calendar so we can train our Scout, parent, and leader users? I do not want to have to chase down everything in this forum, and with nearly 1 million Scouts in the organization, we should not all be figuring this out for ourselves.

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The parent selects the Parent role in the upper right corner of the IA window. On the calendar Event Information page the Download Permission Slip link should appear.

I switched my view from leader to parent on the view. I am unable to find a link, button, or drop-down saying “Download Permission Slip”.

I also am unable to find this link you mentioned. Please Help! (And thanks, MarkEarnest for asking!)

The developers are investigating.

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I was told here ( Printing Permission Slips for Whole Troop - Feature Gone Again? - Scoutbook / Using Scoutbook - Scouting Forums) that it was removed again due to a security issue.

What’s odd is a few of our parents see the link (one emailed me a screen shot from her phone) but most of us do not see that, even if we clear cookies and reload the page. On her screen shot, there is a block on the page between the “Back to Calendar” link and the Event Information block.

It is currently showing for non-leaders only

I had my scout log in and print them all for me. This is a workaround so hope things get fixed soon.

Has the developer investigation progressed?


Due to non disclosure agreements, we are not able to comment on where the developers are on any specific issue. When the fix is released it will be posted in the Scoutbook - Internet Advancement Change Log - Scouting Forums

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In the meantime, there are the manual permission slips -

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As of yesterday, the permission slips are now appearing in the calendar events in the location others have mentioned. I want so share thanks to the developers who resolved the issue.

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