Permission slips in Scoutbook

We currently use Scoutbook for EVERYTHING in our Troop except for permission slips. We still use Troop Web Host because it can be done online and then I can print after everyone has signed.
Can we do this in Scoutbook some how?

TIA, Connie

The only support for permission slips in Scoutbook is to create a PDF which can be printed so the parents/guardians can sign.

We are trying to not print as much as possible so I was hoping we could adapt the way Troop web host does it

Thank you, Connie

Are you asking about digital signatures?

Scoutbook does not currently support digital signatures. What it can do is pre-fill information (Scout’s name, age, address, etc.) for each Scout using the BSA’s Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian (form 680-673).

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Yes. Troop webhost allows parents to sign and then I can print one sheet with all the scouts that have signed the slip.

For an event as a parent I can click attending and the give permission and type my name in

Having individual permissions slips and ink signatures may be a philosophical choice. While the system you describe sounds very efficient, National may choose never to implement.

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