Can’t search for existing users for MB counselor

I’m trying to connect a scout to a merit badge counselor. I thought there used to be a feature to search existing users when clicking to add a counselor (from the merit badge in scoutbook). This doesn’t appear anymore so it looks like I can’t connect a scout with an existing merit badge counselor through scoutbook…any help would be appreciated.

Oh, I thought it was me! I have successfully connected my son to three merit badge counselors and now I went to add another one and I can’t do it. What is going on? I am going to reach out beyond this but I would love to keep informed here too. Good luck!

You can do this using the Feature Assistant Extension Feature Assistant - What is it?

Is that what you were looking for?

It can also be done by anyone who has Full Control, by going into the Scout’s Connections page, and editing the connection type there to add the MBC connection (assuming the person is in the Scoutbook MBC list).

The Feature Assistant auto-lookup of Councselors for the specific badge on the MB page was removed/disabled because of changes in Scoutbook that prevent the extension from performing that function.

Bummer. I must have missed that in the update.

So to be clear, this is what is happening:

  1. I go to the merit badge for the scout
  2. At the top is a button that says “Invite Counselor”.
  3. Click “Invite Counselor” button and it opens a page with the scout’s existing connections. None of these connections are the person for this current merit badge.
  4. On this page there is a button at the top that says “+ Add”
  5. Click “+ Add” and what comes up is a screen to invite a new person to scoutbook.

This is the problem. The counselor in question (I know the name) already has scoutbook. I can find them when I search for a counselor in the troop menu, I know for a fact that they are in the system. There just doesn’t seem to be a mechanism for me to connect the scout to the counselor like there used to be. Previously, when you click the “+Add” button it would bring you to the page to invite a new person to scoutbook…but that page also had a way to search existing users right at the top (it was a section right at the top called “Search for Existing User”). That feature, “Search for Existing User”, appears to be gone.

So…is that intentional? Can only the merit badge counselor add the scout from their end? No matter where I look or try different ways there seems to be no way for me (parent/assistant scoutmaster without admin privileges) to invite a person already in scoutbook to be the scout’s merit badge counselor. Is there something obvious I’m missing? So sorry if this has been answered or I’m missing something obvious. Thanks for the replies so far!

I still see the Search for Existing User option when I click add.

Maybe try an Incognito/Private Browsing window to check whether an add-on is messing around with the display?

ETA: I am a unit admin, though, so maybe that’s the relevant difference.

To be clear - you see the [+ Add] button on the Scout’s connections page, correct?

And -when you click [+ Add] now, what do you see? You should see

You should be able to search for the Counselor by name there. When found, it will list the Counselor below the search bar. Click on the Counselor. Then you can add the connection

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I believe only unit admins (maybe key 3 also) see that search box presently. IT had to remove it for non-admins because of a security hole

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That’s what I’m missing, I had it earlier this spring but now it’s gone and oh how I want it back! :slight_smile:

Ah ha! Well that explains it but that strikes me as a problem. Does anybody know if/when that function might come back for us regular folks?

IT is working to figure out what can be restored as quickly as possible. I don’t know when that will be.

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I tried incognito mode just to see and no luck. It looks like us non-unit admins simply don’t have that ability anymore

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