Unable to connect Scout with MB Counselor

I am trying to connect a Scout with a Merit Badge Counselor who I have successfully connected with other Scouts in the past. If I directly view the “MB Counselor List” for my troop, I see this Merit Badge counselor in the results (she’s currently “Available” and “Working with 2 Scouts”).

When I actually attempt to connect this counselor with the Scout on the “Invite Counselor” page using her name and the email address I see for her on the “MB Counselor List,” however, I get a dialog that says “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” I’m running the search with “Include MBC Only” checked.

I’d appreciate any help in getting this resolved so that the Scout can start getting signoffs on this badge. Thanks!

has the MB been started for the scout

I signed the unit leader signature, but no requirements have been marked as completed yet.

@DouglasKunz By “started” we mean: does the merit badge show up on a particular Scout’s Advancement page.

Is it listed in the section: [Scout]'s Merit Badges?

@DouglasKunz what is the Scout and MBC BSA #'s

Yes, the merit badge shows up on this Scout’s Advancement page in his list of merit badges.

This is for “Personal Management” merit badge.

The Scout’s info:SB User ID: 2835247
BSA Member ID: 128504554

For the MBC, I don’t see a BSA member ID when I view her result in the MB Counselor List. Is there another place I can find that?
If it helps, I can provide the link I have to the MB Counselor List results page if there’s a way to do that without exposing her personal information (I see her first and last name as search parameters when I look at the link in the URL bar of my browser).

Alternatively, for this same MBC’s existing connection to a different Scout for a different merit badge, I see the following:

@DouglasKunz What are the MBC’s initials? (first and last should be enough)

@DouglasKunz Is this for a MB that is already approved?

No, the Scout is just starting work with the MBC, so I’m trying to connect this Scout with the MBC so that they can track progress.

The MBC’s initials are RS

What MB is it? @DouglasKunz


Personal Management

I am having this exact same problem. We held a merit badge workshop for several scouts. The three MBCs used at this event all show up as active in the MBC list, but when I try to add them, I get the same error that DouglasKunz is getting. I have even backed out of this to try adding a counselor that I’ve previously used with other scouts. Same issue. As a clue, I am able to make an MBC connection from within our troop if the scout is already connected for another reason (for example that person is an adult leader in our troop). I just cannot make an MBC connection with any adult that is not currently a leader for our specific troop. Maybe that helps the diagnosis.

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This has been reported to the developers. If the MBC has the scout’s member number, they can add the connection themselves as a workaround.

I’m having the same issue. I can search and find the MB Counselor from the MB Counselor List and see that he’s a “Citizenship in Society” MB Counselor. However, I go to the Scout, under Advancement, into “Citizenship in Society” that he’s started, and when I search to invite the MB Counselor, I get the error “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

I have very carefully confirmed when searching the correct MB Counselor name, BSA ID, email, city, and state match what’s in his Scouting profile, and that the Council matches. Also, the MB Counselor is already connected to other Scouts in our Troop.

MB Counselor BSA ID is 132318098
Scout BSA ID is 13742302
Merit Badge is “Citizenship in Society”

I’m having the same issue. I cannot connect a merit badge counselor to a scout. When I enter the MBC information, I am getting the dreaded “No record found” error message. Our council has already completed reacharter and this MBC can be found by searching the list.


I am trying to connect our Advancement Chair with a new scout. This is for a Cub Scout. I am getting the same error message, “No record found that satisfies the search criteria.” Commenting just to add - this issue extends beyond merit badge counselors and volunteers outside of your unit. Not sure how to proceed.

@JillianVondenstein Consider going to my.scouting and adding the functional role of Unit Advancement Chair using Roster → Position Manager. After an overnight process runs, your Unit Advancement Chair will be a Pack Admin in Scoutbook and will be automatically connected to all Cub Scouts in the pack.

Thank you so much! I always wondered why the Advancement Chair wasn’t automatically connected to every scout. It just didn’t make sense.

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