Not Able to Add Merit Badge Counselors with Invite

Parents and Scoutmasters do not seem to be able to add merit badge counselors using the invite tool. For in and out of council searches. It also seems like the making a connection to a scout is not working as well even for another reason such as Adult Leader.

Go to Scout, go to Connections, Search for a name (its like the search is not working). You type in all the info and it says there is already someone with that name. Or you just type in the name to search. But it never searches so the auto search is not working. Can you please take a look to see if you see something with scoutbook not searching the database.
This is an issue for in and out of council merit badge councilors.

I am a MBC and counsel a lot of Scouts using Scoutbook. I usually log into Scoutbook myself, navigate to my account, my connections, add connection and add the Scout’s last name and member ID. Works every time. Also it assures that my correct account is the one connecting to the Scout. The Scout’s parents and unit leader get an email from the system when I connect.

more information is here:

That is what I usually do.
Give it a try and see if you can add a connection to (removed by moderator). The search feature is broken. It will not search and bring up the adult.

Look at my instructions again. You need to be the MBC to follow them

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Thank you for the reply.
Someone has fixed this issue as the search feature in add connections is now working and we can add the MB councilor now this way for out of council MB Councilors. So whoever fixed the issue - assuming Scoutbook Database Admins - thank you very much!

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