Can the SPL and PLs be given “view advancement” permissions to view troop advancement records for PLC?

Can the SPL and PLs be given “view advancement” permissions to help in viewing the troops advancement reports during PLC meetings?

not in the current platform

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess we can have advancement chair or SM print out each month for PLC.

I’ve seen two approaches for this that avoids piles of printouts if that’s a consideration for your PLC.

One is to print to PDF and upload to something like Google Drive, replacing the “previous” file with an updated version. Provide the link to all of the PLC members once, and it’s always the latest version.

The other is to do essentially the same thing, but to create a new file name for each version (e.g. with the date appended), and send out the new link monthly. That way, scouts can look back at the advancement reports to see how much progress is being made over time without having to switch through versions.

In principle, if your PLC meets somewhere with a 'net connection, you could display the advancement document on a large screen for discussion, and only provide a printed copy for those who request it (e.g. in advance if on-site printing isn’t an option).

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