Senior Patrol Leader Connections to View Other Scouts Advancement

I there a way for the senior patrol leader to see the advancement records of all the scouts in the troop? This would help him to plan with the patrol leaders what activities they want to do for troop meetings. They could use this in their PLC meetings to look for where they can help others in the troop.

Not that I am aware of. Our unit has worked around this by designating an ASM to provide that information to the SPL and PLs for their use whenever requested. I’d rather the youth leaders could get this on their own, but it’s been working reasonably well for us.

There isn’t an officially supported way to do this. Our troop works around this by having a webmaster account that’s set up as a committee secretary with view profile and view advancement for all the scouts. The PLC members have the login info for this account – the SPL and patrol leaders can see the advancement for their Scouts (at least in theory), and the Troop Scribe uses it to update the calendars and send notifications to the troop.

Thanks for the responses guys!

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