Scout view only access to other scouts in Scoutbook

I had the SPL and the Troop Guide ask if they were able to have view access to the other scouts advancement to be able to easily see what they need to work on. I cannot see in Scoutbook anywhere to do this as well as couldn’t find anything in the forum. Does anyone know if there is a way for the scout leaders to see advancements of the troop so as this can help them plan for their meetings?


Scouts cannot see advancement of other Scouts. A leader could produce a report via Report Builder for Scouts to plan.

@LauraPegram - I would think that if you built a report then marked it as shared that the scouts when they log in should be able to see it from the reports menu.


Scouts can’t see advancement reports because they are not connected to other Scouts. The only option is for a leader to produce a PDF or CSV from a report and give that to the Scouts.

@edavignon - I was thinking about the report builder rather than advancement reports. I will need to test that theory.

I logged into scoutbook as my son and indeed the shared reports show up but you are correct, since they can not access other scouts the reports have no data to run.

I will have to run a report for them then. Thank you.

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