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Can the Venturing/Sea Scout Emergency Preparedness award be added to Scoutbook?

I know it’s going to be retired at the end of this year, so unless this is very little effort, maybe not… but the requirements for a Venturer/Sea Scout are a little different (WFA vs First Aid MB). If it’s not worth changing now because the award will be retired on December 31st of this year, is it acceptable to enter the Sea Scout as having completed the requirements listed on the Scouts BSA version of this award? I’m trying to balance “accurate record of what was done” vs “lots of work on the IT side for an award that’s going away soon.” Thanks!

@BetsyJackson The Emergency Preparedness award for Sea Scouts is in development. I do not have a release date for the award.

When I go here ( https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/emergency-preparedness/ ) it seems to indicate that there is one already. Is this out of date?


From near the top of the link you provided… “As of February 2019, elements of the award have been incorporated into other program materials and we will sunset the award.”

Matt, yes… that’s why I said in my original post that it might not be worth the effort (retires on 12/31/2020); however, until then the award seems to exist based on that page (it says you can still earn it)… and there are differing requirements for Sea Scouts and Venturers than there are for Scouts BSA. In Scoutbook, the only award available is Scouts BSA… all of which led to my question of whether we could add the Sea Scout version to Scoutbook since that’s what my scouts are earning. It’s not a question of whether the award exists (it does); it’s a question of whether we can accurately record it in Scoutbook.

@BetsyJackson They are working on getting the Sea Scout version of the award into Scoutbook. It is currently in development and testing. I do not have a release date for when it will available.

Oh, okay… that makes sense. Thank you!

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