Emergency Prep Award not showing up on Needs Purchasing Report

Not sure if this started as a glitch or has just turned into one…

Webelos Emergency Preparedness Award was originally approved back in January. Then it was accidentally marked as Awarded in March after our last awards ceremony. The Scout has never received it and I don’t show it on any of my POs during that time period.

I’ve tried unmarking it as Awarded, Leader Approved and Earned. It shows up in the Needs Approval, but then in the Needs Purchasing it shows up as a zero.

Scouts MID - 14417680

That award was retired over 3 years ago - not sure it still goes to the PO at all. Most scout shops do have them


I knew it was retired, but my Council still carries it and I thought that I’ve ordered it before. Thank you for the info.

I think it came off POs after one year after retirement


It is not a restricted item so purchase should be no issue


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