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Can we create a “my.scouting” advisory forum?

While I am inpatient, I really do trust that the Scoutbook Advisory group does a great job of being the voice of “the masses” to Scoutbook developers.

We need the same thing for my.scouting.

I would volunteer to be a part of this and help coordinate this, but we need to get alignment from the powers that be that this is a good idea.

I believe there is a group for this already (I think a number of commissioners - hence the old technology LOL)

Can someone point me in that direction? I would love to help clean it up, even without changing technology.


Don’t waste your effort. I offered my services and got the following dated Sept 2, 2016

I am going to be getting us better organized in our approach as to best integrate volunteer resources over the next few weeks. I plan to reach out to you and bring you into the fold when we have a plan in place. Thank you again for your willingness to help!
Debra Kendrew
I can only imagine how many other scouters got a similar form letter.

That stinks! It need two types of help.

The first is the hard kind that adds more features and makes it work better.

The second is very easy. Clean up the menus, remove the calendar, remove announcements, etc. this is all VERY easy. We don’t need new code written.